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State of the Art Corrosion Protection
Environmentally Safe

In environments that stress the need for corrosive protection, Gafco Industries coated products offer a high level of protection while maintaining a much more environmentally friendly final product than other coated materials on the market. The products used to create the coating are resistant to a vast variety of corrosive chemicals and when properly applied, provide an extremely strong shield from corrosive environments thus prolonging the life of expensive material and equipment. The coatings industry, as with countless other industries, has undergone many changes over the years. Pressures causing these changes include demands for more environmentally and health friendly technologies as well as higher performance and better chemical and corrosion resistance. Gafco Industries takes advantage of proven protective coating technologies based on functionalized polyolefin alloys. The proprietary compound provides exceptional adhesion to polar substrates, resulting in a highly versatile material that performs well in aggressive environments due to its flexibility and impact resistance properties. The material’s inherent toughness also provides resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and permeation by liquids. The coating material can be field repaired to near factory finish should damage occur without the use of dangerous or caustic chemicals.

Our Products

Only UL listed raw components are utilized prior to coating, insuring that top quality materials are the basis behind the finished product. The coating is a process over an existing U.L. listed product.

The coating process does not disturb the overall zinc coating of the initial raw product thus ensuring the corrosive protection of the zinc coating remains intact. Proper cleaning and preparation of the product prior to coating guarantees proper adhesion and the proprietary coating process provides maximum corrosion protection in extreme conditions.

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